Circulatory problems

Caring for your heart and circulatory system is something many of us consciously do, when we make decisions about what we eat and take part in physical activity.  We know we need a balance of foods that are low in fat and high in natural fibre, while ennsuring that our consumption of foods containing ‘good’ fats is adequate. Many dietary factors are very significant for heart health.

We also have to get our hearts pumping to keep the muscle healthy and protect vascular health, and we certainly know the impact of poor lifestyle choices such as smoking.  Over and above that however, certain herbs can nourish the heart and ensure that vascular health is protected, by increasing the elasticity of the vessels and helping to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.  Maintaining a blood pressure within the normal range is also important and reduces the risk of stroke.  Blood cholesterol is another measure of health, and the current statin prescribing trends suggest that high cholesterol is epidemic.  Yet I would have to admit to some skepticism about the extent to which these cholesterol-lowering drugs are being prescribed and how the 'normal' range for cholesterol measures are determined.


Design: Alan Davis