Fertility, pregnancy & childbirth

It’s probably true to say that every tradition has important herbs prized for their value in helping conception to take place. Not surprisingly different herbs are prescribed for men and women.

Herbal medicine is less invasive and safer than the expensive and often distressing modern infertility treatments that many couples embark on. It is certainly worth exploring as a first step.  Conditions such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome(PCOS) and endometriosis account for a large percentage of infertility cases while others are never really explained. A course of herbal medicine, often in conjunction with nutritional changes may be all it takes to boost sub-prime fertile conditions. For more serious conditions, a woman would need to take herbal medicine for a longer period. A recent study* carried out in Australia, reviewed a range of fertility treatments amongst women who had been unable to conceive naturally. It concluded that taking a holistic approach to the problem which included traditional Chinese herbal medicine was more effective than standard Western drug treatment or IVF.  My own clinical experience working with herbal medicine and fertility issues for almost twenty years would bear this out.

In addition to enhancing fertility naturally, herbs can help to maintain a healthy pregnancy and can also be used just prior to giving birth. Certain herbs are also recommended to be taken after childbirth which will tone the uterus and nourish the blood. In cases where the supply of breast milk is a problem, herbs can be safely taken to improve its production.

It is more appropriate to consult a qualified medical herbalist for many of these issues. 

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* Reid K, Stuart K, Complementary Therapies in Medicine (2011) 19, 319-331. Efficacy of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine in the management of female infertility: A systematic review

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