Skin problems

The condition of our skin can tell quite a lot.  Redness and itching may indicate some disturbance in the metabolic processes of the body.  A skin condition such as acne may signal an hormonal disturbance, while eczema indicates a reaction to problem foods or inflammation in the gut.  It is important to go beneath the surface of the skin to treat these problems effectively.  Using a steroid cream to banish any redness will work in the short-term but is storing up problems for the future.

Herbalists definitely take a big interest in skin problems and don’t be surprised if you are prescribed quite a few bitter tasting herbs. But, be patient and you’ll be rewarded with clearer, healthier skin.

What you put on your skin is also deserving of some thought.  Why not try to source creams and cosmetics that are completely natural and free of any toxic ingredients. 

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