Your immune system

The immune system is a very complex system with two separate parts; innate immunity, which we are born with and acquired immunity which develops throughout life as we become exposed to various organisms and allergens. These two strands must communicate with one another so that our immune system is kept intact and we remain protected. This communication involves a complex system of signals and sensors which detect an invading organism and send chemical signals to activate the pro-inflammatory response. It's a brilliant system which mounts an immediate defense whenever a threat is detected.

A very important part of immune system function is that the acute response is fully turned off when the threat has been effectively dealt with. A faulty immune system can result in a low-level production of pro-inflammatory chemicals being constantly released. Similar to the burning embers of an unattended fire, this is the root cause of chronic inflammation and over time it has the capacity to cause damage to different organs or systems. See section on chronic inflammation here.

Boosting and supporting the immune system is the key to staying well. This is basically what the old adage “prevention is better than cure” is expressing. Conditions recur due to lowered immunity or as a result of excessive stresses on the mind or body. At Home of Herbs Helen will help you identify your sources of stress and can offer information and advice in devising effective strategies to reduce its negative impact.

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